Custom designing is like a creative puzzle.  When I am constructing a new piece, or redesigning an existing piece, I am constantly trying different beads to see if they fit my creative puzzle.


KBKreations creates necklaces, earrings or bracelets that l compliments anything you wear! I have done seasonal wardrobe accessories that compliment multiple outfits and key pieces in a client’s closet.


Do you wear lots of blazers and want a couple lapel pins to match?  Or did you buy a few new pieces for your fall wardrobe?   Getting a new matching necklace, earrings or bracelet could be just the touch to change up your wardrobe.


Want to jazz up what’s in your closet?  Get some colorful silk scarves and take a look at my scarf bails or pins to give that turtleneck some flare.


To initiate a custom design, please email me at  Please include your full name and phone number in your initial email.  Each custom order whether it be a single piece or multiple pieces will require a confirming email from you on the final design idea.  The estimate on delivery will be included in the quote.  Each piece is hand-crafted upon receipt of payment. Please remember, each piece is hand-stamped and imperfections add to the one of a kind piece made just for you!


All pieces are designed based on customer ideas, colors, and in the case of a specific dress, the neckline!  Email me, and we can get the design started.

Tell us what you are looking for!