It's all in the details.....

The attention to detail, color and design makes each piece of KBKreations Jewelry unique.  When you look closely at each piece, you will see little touches, different finishing clasps, a miniture crystal or an extra detail you didn’t notice.


I started playing around 20 years ago when I couldn't find jewelry accessories in just the right color or length for a new teal silk dress I had purchased.  Then I started experimenting with unstrung pearls (my favorite), mixing them with different stones and beads. 


When a close friend asked if I could make her a necklace to match her 'mother of the bride' dress, I decided to share my designs and ideas and created KBKreations Jewelry Design.


Since I always had a problem finding matching or complimentary earrings for my jewelry, every necklace except the KBKreations NeckGlasses, automatically comes with matching pierced earrings. 


Many of my necklace pieces are designed to be worn in different in ways for different looks.  Many of my pieces have decorative clasps that look beautiful in front as part of the necklace design.  My longer ’wrap’ necklaces are versatile and depending on the length, can be worn as single, double and triple wrap necklaces.  I also have clients that love to wear the wrap necklaces as wide, multiple strand bracelets!


I have many pieces that have magnetic clasps.  Another answer to a problem for those  who have difficulty working with clasps.  I make sure to note the type of clasp in the descriptions.


I hope you enjoy wearing my pieces as much as I enjoyed making them....just for you!